Robin's nest in Brooklyn, NY Robin's nest in Brooklyn, New York
Webcam refresh rate: 30 seconds.

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May 12, 2011
We have received very exciting news from our friend Adi. Robin bird is nesting just outside his window. There are some eggs, one chick already hatched last night. Crazy as we're about webcams, little Robin got connected to the internet :-)) You can view live images of American Robin here. Please leave your comments and suggestions in our guestbook.
April 6, 2011
We (Mike and Russell) were trying to fix webcam for 6 hours last night. It was a bloody mess for real — I cut my fingers by sharp stone somehow. Webcam didn't die, all cables were fine as well. However, we decided to replace entire setup (even wires) with new Logitech C910. No luck at all. Today I put all cables (over 50 feet), camera and weather proof enclosure in house, tested with different computer then moved whole thing. It worked, but for how long? If it fail again in the next 24 hours — we will replace computer.

Image quality didn't improve, regardless of "5 megapixel" sensor size (same as 2 megapixel). I thought it would be much better :-( However, focus issues were resolved in the new Logitech model. Objects on the left and right are in focus. We have no idea how new webcam operate in dark, so all of us are "beta testers".