Welcome to Brooklyn Webcam!

December 6th, 2021

Dear friends! Long time no see! Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to update my now old Brooklyn Webcam project. A lot of things have happened in the past: hurricanes, rain storms, winter storms, Covid-19... Last image was processed in May 2018, more than 3 years ago. Amazingly, but this website is still receiving a lot of hits (over 5K per month)! First of all, I want to apologize to you all. Somewhere in May 2018 my webcam broke down and in September I permanently moved out from my Brooklyn apartment. I wish I could tell you this in 2018.

Today is December 6th, 2021 and I want to say thank you for 20 amazing years, for your feedback and awesome support! Brooklyn Webcam project has been officially ended and I do not have any plans to recover it. However, website is still active and if you wish to purchase bkcam.com and brooklyn-webcam.com domain names or website (template and archive), please contact me 2022@bkcam.com.

Thank you and stay safe!


Dear visitor,

My name is Mike and I live in Brooklyn, New York. This web project is very special to me — I love my neighborhood and I think it's a great idea to show people all around the world how we're doing in here, check local weather or even get assistance with own street webcam project.

First Brooklyn-Webcam.com's image was uploaded on October 22 2001, at 4:30 PM (Brooklyn webcam archive). My Webcam normally operates 24/7/365, except someimes very long maintenance breaks (during camera failures). Every day webcam processing approximately 17280 images (about ~100Kb each). The most interesting photos will be in our archive. If you find something interesting, something unusual, please send webcam screenshot to mike@bkcam.com.

Brooklyn Webcam FAQ

When did you install webcam in Brooklyn?

My first webcam was installed in October 2001. I simply threw Kodak webcam outside the window (there was no camera enclosure for ~5 years). Believe or not, it worked pretty well. We'll miss you, Kodak!

Why did you do such crazy thing?

For fun — to show my friends Brooklyn, New York.

Which webcam do you use?

I am currently using Logitech HD C920

Which webcam software do you use?

I am using free Yawcam webcam software since 2003. Whoever did this amazing software, a big thanks!

Hey, why static image with no sound?!

Due to limited budget. I am ready to stream live video from two points, but it cost per month just for video feed. If someone donate at least half of it, I will replace static image with live video (720p HD) feed.

How popular is your website?

There are around 6-12K unique visits per month. When it snows (blizzard) or rains, my page usually receive at least 1K in just few hours! However, hurricate Sandy set absolute (so far) record — 38,767 unique visits and 659,175 hits in 5 days!

Can I advertise on your pages?

Yes, please contact me: mike [at] bkcam.com for rates.

I want to create my own webcam project. How difficult it is? Is it expensive?

It isn't difficult to buy any webcam, put it inside some enclosure then connect to cheap computer (around $600). It's all about support. Are you willing to support your webcam project? Webcams, cables, software, computers do break. You have to be extremely patient. Also, with some extra cash on hands. Cheap computer will run 24/7/365 - that means something extra to your electric bill. If you live in NYC, it may add to your ConEd montly bill at least $15. However, if you have social connections (for example, thousands of real subscribers on Facebook or Twitter), you may cover all costs and even make some money during live events (it depends on location).

I set my new street webcam. Can we exchange links?

I'll be happy to! Please contact: mike [at] bkcam.com

Webcam turned 12!

Brooklyn Webcam image, November 2001

When I started this project in 2001, it had only 1 page with blur 320x240 image. In 2013 my webcam turned 12 and I would like to say thank you to all visitors, neighbors, long time supporters and friends who helped me a lot. I've re-designed entire website, removed outdated uggly pages, added guestbook and even twitter! I also going to replace existing webcam (10 megapixel sensor) with new Logitech 15 megapixel model this spring. Webcam archive will be completed here as well.

Future webcam

Why bother with those clumsy static images? It's 2014 already! We could do much better — stream high quality, sharp panoramic images of Brooklyn 24/7. We can also stream video over internet and even more with professional, outdoor-ready AXIS Q6032-E. You may take full control over webcam with PTZ! Precise pan/tilt performance and high zoom AXIS Q6032-E has a fast and precise pan/tilt response. In addition, it can tilt 20° above the horizon for a total tilt range of 220°, enabling better views, especially over uneven terrain. It has 35x optical and 12x digital zoom. License plates can be read from a distance of 160 m (525 ft.)

We've already received written permit for webcam installation. However, webcam (AXIS Q6032-E) cost about $2500 + $150 PoE switch (AXIS T8124), so we're less than half way to dream webcam in New York. If you like my webcam, appreciate dedication to Brooklyn Webcam Project (it's online since 2001), if you wish to support our new webcam project, please help us! You can donate any amount through Paypal button below. If you wish to donate with credit card (avoiding Paypal), please let us know — we accept Visa, Mastercard. AMEX and US Postal money orders.

Technical details

Brooklyn Webcam #2 was installed on January 21, 2014 (replaced old broken webcam). Current uptime is 95%

Brooklyn Webcam #1 was installed in August 2010 (replaced old broken webcam). Current uptime is 0%

Advertise on Brooklyn Webcam

More than 10000 unique visitors each month visit Brooklyn Webcam, mostly from US (79%), UK (7%), France (6%) and Germany (4%). January, February, September and December are the most busiest months — over 25K page views each month. If you wish to advertise on Brooklyn-Webcam.com, please contact mike@bkcam.com.

Additional Services

I have no idea how many websites we designed in the past. If I didn't have primary job, which take 10-12 hours of my life every single day, I would definitely become a webdesigner. I really enjoy it. If you need assistance with your website, logo, company stationary, blog, forum etc — please let me know. I know how to install and configure most php driven scripts, templates, CSS and so on.

Linux system admin (cPanel, CentOS, Redhat, CloudLinux) services (remote or local in NYC) are also available: mike@bkcam.com