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June 14, 2014
Brooklyn Webcam Archive has been updated! I've added best webcam photos from 2013-2014.
June 13, 2014
Friday the 13th :-) We're streaming live from Brooklyn, New York:
March 2, 2014
Spring is in New York City! Winter storm "Titan" will hit East Coast on Saturday night. We'll be streaming event live (exact date and time will be posted soon, as soon as we get weather updates). Please bookmark/subscribe to our page on Live streaming cost money - please support Brooklyn Webcam project here: Thank you so much!
February 13, 2014
Blizzard "Pax" is finally here, in Brooklyn, New York! Watch it live now: Please support our project here: Thank you!
February 12, 2014
Yet another mega blizzard super storm "PAX" is just around the corner! Will Brooklyn perish in snow? Only time will show. And our webcam. Our live video feed has been scheduled for tomorrow night, Thursday, February 13th. Please comment BKCAM in our guestbook! Thank you!
February 5, 2014
New mega blizzard may hit New York City this weekend! Please stay tuned for updates. Our Livestream channel is here: Please support our project here: Thank you!
January 21, 2014
Happy New Year! New Webcam has been temporarily installed outside the window - it may stay there for a day or two or maybe longer if you like location and image quality (compare). We can now livestream events using broadcasting services. Those services require subscription which cost per month. If you wish to support live video stream project, please do donate here. Thank you!

Brooklyn, are you ready for some snow? :-)
November 28, 2013
Camera replacement didn't go as planned. First, I found out that USB cable coating was severely damaged by Sandy and harsh winter. Received new cables yesterday morning, attached it to brand new 15MP webcam, it worked well for 5 minutes then computer died completely (not just hard disk). Computer was really old anyway, I bought it 2009. I'll try to find some used or new computer, maybe there would be some luck on Black Friday :-) Stay tuned. Thank you for your support and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
November 19, 2013
Dear friends, webcam broke down. For some reason I cannot turn it on. This particular webcam been alive since 2011, survided two hurricanes (Irene and Sandy) and now officially dead. I'll try to replace it by Thanksgiving. Please stay tuned for more updates. By the way, you can donate few bucks towards new webcam by clicking here. Thank you for your support!
October 27, 2012
Little update on Brooklyn Webcam. I decided to close old webcam project because I failed to launch new webcam last year. All donations have been refunded. Perhaps, I'll give another try somewhere in 2014. Webcam will be live for hurricane Sandy only (October 27th - October 31st), enjoy! :-) P.S. Thank you for kind comments in my guestbook.
August 29, 2011
Have you missed hurricane Irene? Don't worry, I've taken live HD footage from webcam when Brooklyn was right in the middle of that "thing":

Thank you all for kind letters and support. We're OK, but thousands of other people in New York are out of electricity for second day in row. It's really tough. We hope ConEd restore power soon.
August 28, 2011
04:21 Hurricane Irene is hitting us in Brooklyn pretty badly. Windows are shaking, power goes out sometimes - but webcam is operating normally (so far..) thanks to backup power UPS and backup DSL link. If image freeze for 1 hour or longer, we either: a) lost power, b) backup batteries drained or c) both.
August 24, 2011
I was thinking that from 9/11 we went through "everything". It looks like "everything" is just to begin. Earthquake in Brooklyn last for about 30-40 seconds and it was pretty strong! I was in Brooklyn and entire old building (built in 30s) was shaking badly. Webcam is operating normally. Now we're preparing ourselves for another thing — hurricane "Irene". Stay tuned.
July 22, 2011
Heat wave in New York: temperature is about to reach 100F. Cyperpower UPS installed few weeks ago will be extemely handy. So far we had one short outage in Brooklyn (voltage dropped from 120 to 90 volts for 3 seconds).

Tonight we disconnected battery backup from AC for 48 minutes (for test purposes). It shows 19% of remaining battery backup power now, so webcam (webcam + midsize computer w/o monitor + cable modem + router) may run for about 55-60 minutes on backup unit. It's good idea to get second unit just in case of extended power outage in New York. Or install 15K diesel generator :-)

Yesterday we brought online backup DSL link. If power goes out, cable will be out for sure. Since DSL goes through regular phone lines, internet connection will stay on, as long as power backup has power. DSL modem takes very little power, it may stay alive for hours. I think we should put it on external power backup unit. I'll show details later.

July 13, 2011
«Brooklyn Man Admits To Killing, Dismembering Lost Boy» We're deeply shocked...
July 12, 2011
Missing boy in Brooklyn, New YorkThousands of people, local jewish police, NYPD, FBI are searching our neighbourhood (South Brooklyn) for missing 9 year old boy. Unfortunately, we do not store archive webcam images on local server (lack of spacing resources).
July 5, 2011
Fireworks in Brooklyn, New York 2011
Fireworks in Brooklyn, New York. Right spot this year! I am glad that we changed location.
June 27, 2011
Cyperpower surge protector and battery backup
Brooklyn Webcam is now protected by Cyperpower UPS! It will allow us to run webcam during power events (blackouts/brownouts), which are frequent during summer times in Brooklyn, New York.
June 25, 2011
Yesterday I found out that focus issues were addressed in new webcams built after 05/2010. So I immediately ordered new one Logitech C905 (red color — nice touch, even better than silver/black) and also replaced webcam enclosure (to get rid of minor scratches on the glass) with VITEK Outdoor Enlosure. Wow, what a nice image we get now! :-) Please leave your comments or suggestions in our guestbook.
June 23, 2011
Webcam is now live! Right side of the image is off focus — well known bug of all Logitech C905. But overall, image is good and I like location as well (facing South Brooklyn — Coney Island).
June 22, 2011
We've replaced drives, camera, fan and even reloaded Windows 7. Webcam came back to life, but still in beta test. If it won't crash, we will install it in Brooklyn (slightly different location). Stay tuned.
May 29, 2011
I am glad that hard drive has fried tonight. Image quality was really blur during the day (but night was OK). We will replace both - failed disk and camera by June 20th, so please be patient. Thank you!
May 12, 2011
We have received very exciting news from our friend Adi. Robin bird is nesting just outside his window. There are some eggs, one chick already hatched last night. Crazy as we're about webcams, little Robin got connected to the internet :-)) You can view live images of American Robin here. Please leave your comments and suggestions in our guestbook.
April 6, 2011
We (Mike and Russell) were trying to fix webcam for 6 hours last night. It was a bloody mess for real — I cut my fingers by sharp stone somehow. Webcam didn't die, all cables were fine as well. However, we decided to replace entire setup (even wires) with new Logitech C910. No luck at all. Today I put all cables (over 50 feet), camera and weather proof enclosure in house, tested with different computer then moved whole thing. It worked, but for how long? If it fail again in the next 24 hours — we will replace computer.

Image quality didn't improve, regardless of "5 megapixel" sensor size (same as 2 megapixel). I thought it would be much better :-( However, focus issues were resolved in the new Logitech model. Objects on the left and right are in focus. We have no idea how new webcam operate in dark, so all of us are "beta testers".
April 5, 2011
Webcam is working again. I wish we could have a remote reboot function. Anyway, new webcam is on the way. We will try to replace old one in a few days. Before that, we should complete our webcam archive (images from 2001-2011).
April 4, 2011
We will replace failed webcam on April 7th — April 8th. Please stay tuned for more updates.
March 18, 2011
New website has been launched! I am still replacing old pages so please pardon our virtual mess. Do you like Brooklyn Webcam? Please sign our Guestbook. You may also follow us on Twitter!
March 3, 2011
Software updates brought our webcam down for 1 week. Issue has been resolved, webcam is running as usual. We didn't reach our goal in new webcam project, however, prices on Axis webcam have been slashed by in 11 months.
September 8, 2010
Image quality issues have been resolved. I was looking into this stunning image processed two years ago with same webcam model, but was unable to get at least "good" picture for MONTHS. The trick is to keep Logitech software on HD mode and webcam software in 800x600 format. Good video card with at least 256MB dedicated RAM is a big plus. Yes, there is a certain strain on CPU and memory, but who cares? We need a good picture.
September 7, 2010
Today I had enough time for yet another webcam installation. Brand new Logitech c905 has been installed on the same spot (it was there for years), in the same webcam enclosure. Tripplite USB extensions have been replaced as well (old ones were damaged by water). By the way, so-called "Logitech C905 HD webcam" is absolutely the same as old one released more than 2 years ago. Where "HD" came from? We will compare image quality tomorrow afternoon because I believe old one performed much better.
August 31, 2010
We've added new webcam in Midwood, Brooklyn. It will operate temporarily until we get another one. Unfortunately, we haven't got enough money in order to complete our new project. We're currently looking into other webcam options, for example, into cheaper axis 215. Image quality isn't the best, but webcam: 1) rotates 360 degrees; 2) streams video directly through internet (without audio); 3) weather-proof.
March 31, 2010
Better webcam for greatest city! Brooklyn Webcam is opening new project!
March 11, 2010
We're in business :-) Failed webcam has been replaced.

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